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My name is Jackie Wiley. I have been married to my boyfriend Kevin for thirty-five years. Kevin and I have lived in Pinckney, MI, almost twenty years. Wow time flies! We are previously from the Rochester area. Kevin and I are members of St. Mary Parish in Pinckney. God comes first in our lives. We enjoy being Eucharistic ministers, holding baptism preparation classes, as-well-as, being members of the Knights of Columbus and RCIA preparation. Kevin has found his calling and is currently studying to become a Deacon. We have three grown children (out of the house yahoo! lol) . Our blessings along with our family and friends include five living grandchildren and three who are with our Father in heaven. We also have four fury babies (dogs) that we adore.

Oils that have benefited both of us that I received in my low cost starter kit and have and helped to support all the systems of our bodies include Thieves immune support, PanAway muscle support, Purification when diffused cleans the air in your home, Frankincense for meditation and grounding, Lavender relaxation, RC respiratory support, DiGize digestion support,, Stress Away self explanatory, Copaiba supports the body's natural response to injury or irritation Added to beverages yum ie: Vitality Peppermint and Vitality Lemon. We both enjoy Ningxia Red juice with its many benefits to all the systems of our bodies!

I am very fortunate to be a member of the Young Living family, I have finally found a job I love with very low start up costs!! Benefits: working at home, setting my own hours and tremdous support from online to having personal help from other Young Living members. It's a win win all around!

Enjoy my Sharing Heavenly Oils website and I hope to here from you soon!

God Bless!